Only a week before race day I fractured my foot in a soccer game. The doctor told me to rest it and wear a moon boot for 2 weeks. Was that enough to stop me racing? Hell NO!

I arrived at the Taupo race track for practice day limping in my moon boot. Dad went out for the first session leaving me watching enviously on the sidelines. Much to his disbelief when he got back to the pits I was eager to get the moon boot off and get behind the wheel.

My mentality going in was that it was only a practice session. I could happily take it slow and test if my fractured foot would be able to handle it, and come straight into the pits if there was any pain. But there was no pain (or more accurately, not enough pain to make me stop) so I spent the rest of the day getting familiar with the process of putting on a moon boot as I continued to wear it between practice sessions.

With the confidence of having taken part in practice day I was happy to get behind the wheel again and go racing come Saturday. Little did I know it was Dad that deserved to have all the confidence.

This time it was Dad on the podium in 3rd!! THIRD!!! Awesome result in the wet at Taupo.