What an AWESOME race day. Man I love the 2kcup and the Red Dragon.

Stepping back in the Red Dragon for qualifying after having driven the Bumble Beemer recently was weird. The car was so slippery and almost begging to spin. It was partly due to tyre pressures which I tried to sort out for the first race. I qualified 29th on the fast grid, with another MR2 just ahead and Oscar in his MR2 right beside me.

Onto the race and I had a ripper first couple of laps. Man I was overtaking everyone. I got as high as 19th and stayed there for a while before some guys behind started to get in the rhythm and started coming through. I managed to finish 23rd which was a wicked result out of 92 cars entered.

The second race, as always, was a reverse grid so I started 18th. But by this point in the day it was well and truly raining. Again I had a great opening section of the race but boy was it sketchy in the rain. A few times I was genuinely scared coming up the straight able to see nothing more than spray and the brake lights from the car in front. I managed to get all the way up to 5th at one point with some sweet overtaking moves. But the faster cars from behind did start to come through and I lost a few positions as I tried to delicately navigate the wet track. Eventually the inevitable happened and a couple people spun into the sand causing a safety car. I was stoked to see it eventually turn to red flag both because I knew there were more fast cars behind and because I wasn’t so keen on a restart in the foul weather. I ended up finishing a very very pleasing 11th. An amazing result for the car which still has me smiling so many hours later.

I wanna also give a shout out to the driver of car 232. In both races we had fierce battles with very similar pace. It was a great challenge and great fun. Proud to say I just managed to hold you off in both races. I didn’t catch you afterwards but cheers man, it was wicked.

What an awesome days racing. I had fun out on track. I had fun chatting to other drivers. I had fun racing hard against the other MR2’s. I was able to drive the car home afterwards. And I got awesome results putting me 14th overall in the points. 

Man I love motorsport.