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Dad scores big points at 2kcup round 3

2KCup round 3 was on Saturday so Dad headed to Hampton Downs with the Red Dragon ready to give it a thrashing.

Toymota Racing missed round 2 earlier in the year but this time around Dad took over solo driving duties for the typical 2kcup format of two 30 minute races.

It was a wet track with rain over the weekend which always spices it up in motorsport. Out for qualifying with 63 cars (not all on track at the same time) was always going to be busy. Dad managed to set a great time that put him 9th on the grid. We always say the wet weather plays into the hands of the MR2’s so perhaps this could be a set of great results coming up.

Into the race and it’s still tricky conditions. A wet track with a drying line makes caution a priority, but we’re racing here so sometimes that goes out the window. Dad had some good battles through the race, making a few overtakes and getting overtaken himself. In the end finishing where he started in 9th. A great result for the Red Dragon.

Between races was a bit of a stressful time for all those at the track. Unfortunately there was a large accident in the HT1 race which left all drivers nervously waiting for some good news. Thankfully all the drivers will be okay although one suffered some broken bones.

As a result the grids were combined for race 2 and with the typical reverse grid format Dad was starting near the back of the field. But 30 minutes is a long time and as the race progressed he was on a charge. He made his way through the pack up to 11th with a couple cars in front he was confident he could get past. That was until with about 10 minutes to go he checked his gauges and got some bad news, he was running out of fuel. With everything that happened between races and with the combined grid bring his race forward he had forgotten to put fuel in the car before race 2. Fuel conservation mode kicked in and Dad backed off the pace. We have never really tested how long the Red Dragon will go on empty so Dad was conserving all he could in the hopes that he could make it to the end. Unfortunately this meant he couldn’t overtake those cars in front and before long was getting overtaken himself as he nervously watching the fuel gauge lap after lap. Dad did manage to finish the race and he even managed a great 13th place finish, but as is so often the case in motorsport he leaves the track contemplating what could have been.

It’s another set of great results that leaves Dad with a smile on his face. We love the racing and all the friendly people in the 2kcup and round 3 didn’t disappoint.