Holy smokes rally is fun. 
I just got back from rally school which was the most amazing experience. Today we were full on racing through a gravel stage with an expert next to us giving instructions and it was a total blast. I got to drive a Mirage, Evo 3 and Evo 6 sometimes sideways through McRobbies loop. It is so different to track racing but my goodness it is enjoyable.

Also yesterday at rally school we had class room lessons then a motorkhana session on grass. Then I headed to Hamptons to meet Dad and test the Green Goblin at the bbqctd and I even got to have a go in that, beating the best lap time I have ever done at hamptons. Better still the overheating issues look to be fixed so we are stoked to be able to take two cars to Taupo in a couple of weeks.

Man what an amazing weekend. Hopefully I can get a rally car and keep doing more of it