wTheRockb – Our Founding Father
Created the video that got so many to play Tic Tac Bow and try qualify for the olympics. Created the community discord and subreddit.

Conzio – Tournament Favourite
Was the first #1 on the leaderboard before anyone noticed. Continued playing heaps and kept in top 10 during the grind days. Won most of the community tournaments and became known in the community as the best player and the one to beat. Lost out earlier in the top 32 qualifiers, the biggest upset.

Markkanen – Quirky
When people started trying to get up the leaderboard Markkanen was right up there. Made a video about training for Tic Tac Bow which made me laugh.

Shiro – Japanese Mystery
The original grind god getting crazy trophies to be #1 on the leaderboard. He didn’t compete in the olympic qualifiers. Not much is known about Shiro.

VanTheMan – The Community Man
Main organiser behind the community and community tournaments. Genuinely wanted to help others by sharing tips and tricks to improve and eventually sharing his big strategy guide that he then wouldn’t shut up about.

Photoshop – Hacker
Hacked the game and caused a big stir. Then never returned. We still don’t know if the devs fixed the vulnerabilities or if photoshop just got bored.

GucciDogLeash – Grind God
Wasn’t early to the grind game but when he went for it he really went for it. Got to #1 with a big margin and still sits there but then didn’t show up for the olympics event. Was talking about putting in the work to be the best and join an esports team before disappearing. Got really angry at photoshop during the cheating scandal. Came and went from the discord servers seemingly going through periods of motivation and frustrating.

Nusensai – Angry Archer
A traditional archery coach who repeated again and again that the qualifying format wasn’t good even when people were agreeing with them. Liked the archery part but didn’t like the tic tac toe part.

MonkeyMatt – Casting Hopeful
#1 Tic Tac Bow streamer. Broadcast many of the community tournaments, sometimes featuring VanTheMan.

Lethal_HT – An Actual Professional (caster)
Got to top 15 trophy count but then had to put up with bottom tier gameplay from the traditional archers to commentate. Did a good job of it.

Hidude – Self Doubter
Formerly friendshippointexchange. Always talked down their chances then won the game. Won the early community tournaments before Conzios dominance. Finished top 16.

Joeri – Head of the illuminati
Formed a secret group of top players to solve the bot behaviour in open qualifiers. It’s rumoured they all qualified top 32 but only two illuminati members made top 6. Who they are remains a mystery.

Olliekay – Kiwi Hopeful
Active community member. Joined the grind game late and caught up to top 8 while mapping out his progress in excel. Learnt a secret from NZ Esports he never shared. Was a big upset to not see them make the top 32.

TicTacBowEnthusiast – Some Dudes Brother
Formerly ActuallyBarackObama. Caused a stir by qualifying with a low trophy count (not unlocking top arenas) and then switching to a new discord account.

Nameless – Roughly 30
Said in his intro video that he’s “roughly 30 and probably works for a company”. (possibly bad google translate from Japanese but still hilarious).

Loards – Perfect Mistake
The first player to play a perfect game. Wasn’t enough to qualify for Singapore.

La1 – Agressive overtaker
In top 32 and Olympic Series he continued to go for overtakes at the first possible opportunity

MontyDey – No. 1 Seed
Unstoppable in the top 32 and Olympic Series. Monty set the benchmark that everyone else has to try chase.

other consistently top players: JamJam, Gord, Ecoo, Spring,