The Gran Turismo World Tour events are awesome. The only trouble is there’s no back story to the drivers since there’s no way to follow their qualifying journey. Everyone goes through the open Nations Cup and Manufacturers Cup online series to get to the finals but there is no official broadcast of these series so we miss out on all the tight battles, the dominant performances, and stories of drivers who narrowly qualified or only just missed out.

I wanted to follow to journey of the top drivers in oceania who made it to the world tour events so without an official broadcast I set about creating one myself.

For the past season of the Nations Cup I’ve been streaming each top split race in a series I’ve called Race Rewind. It’s been great fun and there have been awesome battles. With the top two aussies and top kiwi qualifying for the world finals in Monaco the stacks were high. 6 drivers stood out from the rest at the front and wrote the storyline of oceania Nations Cup.

The series also served as a chance to continue practicing commentary and hosting as I think about reviving some of the Monkey Motorsport Club magic of the past.

In order to make the stream happen it took a bit of work with a janky setup. You can’t spectate live races in GT7 but thankfully we can record replays so the broadcast could still happen; it would just have to be delayed, not live (hence the name Race Rewind). Unfortunately the only way to share the replays is in game and the Nations Cup races created replay files that were too big to share. So in order to watch the replays I would screen share with one of the drivers who had saved the replay, and record my screen while I controlled the camera angles etc in their game. Talk about a headache. I would do that prior to broadcasting and save the screen recording so I didn’t have to deal with connection issues during the broadcast. Now with the recordings I could play back those videos while I was streaming to twitch and do my commentary “live” over the top.
It was a setup that created a good broadcast in the end but was a nightmare to do each week so I won’t be rushing to repeat it. Hopefully GT has a future update that allows the replays to be shared either in game or externally because I really did enjoy creating Race Rewind and would love to come back and do it again.

Rewatch the full series on twitch:
Got eevee in for the last one: