I won the Tic Tac Bow Community Commentary Competition 😀

Having been the first to stream Tic Tac Bow competition and having done the most commentary of anyone I was really excited when the competition was announced. I only just missed out on qualifying as a player for Tic Tac Bow at the Olympics but this felt like a competition designed for me to win so I wasn’t going to miss the chance.
After putting in more effort than it probably deserved I had my entry planned out and got my regular co-host Van on board for my live broadcast recreation. Then with a few friends and family roped in to vote for me the results got tallied and I finished on top of the pile. First place 🏆

Entries were posted on Maincard: https://maincard.com/bounty/55d62fc4-e3a7-4513-814f-8b22b229771a/leader
Or my entry can be viewed directly on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=We5EZUxESHw