Drink driving can in fact be fun, but only when on a sim rig where the predictably bad driving doesn’t cause any real damage 😆
And only after all the technical gremlins have been worked out and you can finally relax 😅

It was a good time last night at The Common Room for my Drink “Driving” event I organized as part of Monkey Motorsport Club. Promoting the message of safe driving in such a fun way was really cool and something I haven’t seen anywhere else. Definitely a bit funny to be on the organizing side of things for a sim racing event but this was something a little bit different. So happy to have the idea come together after so much thought and planning. To see everyone enjoying it was awesome.

Fair to say the driving didn’t improve as we drank more. It didn’t really get that bad though when we had clear track but there was definitely more mistakes and people got more easily distracted. Drinking and sim racing is only a good idea if you don’t care about your safety rating.

We had a bunch of issues that delayed us getting the stream going (great timing from Windows to force an update) but I’m glad we got it working in the end. Was pretty sick to then get the stream up on the big screen beside all the pool tables.
Big thanks to StreamTopia Canterbury, I couldn’t have done the stream without you. Also thanks EATHinNZ for letting us use your playstation and wheel for the night.