Time for another race weekend recap.

So as I said in an earlier post, last weekend wasn’t an actually race weekend. It was instead a competitive track day. This basically meant it was a race without any points, although in the drivers briefing they kept reinforcing that it wasn’t a race to ensure we didn’t have any carnage. 
Just like the first round there was two full grids proving the popularity of cheap Motorsport. Each grid got three “races”, with no qualifying as they weren’t actual races.

Unlike the first round it was raining the whole time. My first experience in the wet, and what an experience it was. 
Due to it not being a real race all the drivers went into the first “race” with the attitude of learning how to drive in the wet and trying not to have any panel damage at the end of it. I decided to start near the back so as to avoid any over committed, under prepared drivers but when it came down to the start it seemed everyone else was way more cautious then me. I over took a lot of people at the start, and could have got a lot more if i wasn’t so surprised by how slow they were. I spent the entire 20 minutes overtaking people,
And it was AWESOME.

The next session came around and again I started near the back to have more fun. It wasn’t quite as awesome however as for much of it I simply wasn’t fast enough to catch the big group of cars ahead.
Still a LOT of fun was had.

Oscar, a fellow MR2 driver, managed to beat me in this session so it was one all. Time for a battle in the third and final session.
And what a battle it was.
We started together, near the back again. At the start we got past a lot of people and were again side by side at the first corner. 
The entire race we battle, over took other cars, then battle some more. It was close the entire race. At times I would come up the straight at upwards of 150km/h right on his tail, unable to see anything but his brake lights due to the spray, genuinely scared but not slowing down at all.
In the end I managed to get past and stay ahead.

It was the most fun race in my life, and it wasn’t even a race.

Highlights from the competitive track day